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Green Medicine

a gift from my Father

Growing up in the Midwest, Lori Harrington’s father taught her to enjoy the great outdoors. Walks along the Illinois River and drives in the countryside as well as vacations all across this country, she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature from her dad. At one point in her early adult years, her father told her she needed to go for a hike and get some of God’s Green Medicine to clear her mind and refresh her perspective. This term became a running theme in their relationship and they often referenced getting a ‘daily dose of God’s Green Medicine.’

After the passing of Lori’s father, she pulled out boxes of letters from him to revisit memories and realized how the relationship she had with her father affected her life. Having tossed the idea around of making their reference of God’s Green Medicine into something more tangible, she decided it was time to share it with others.

The basis of Green Medicine is God created the earth and nature. We are surrounded by God in His Creation. Through good and bad times, struggles in life and relationships, God is all around us. But this book is also about the impact a parent can have in their child’s life. Lori weaves together excerpts from her father’s letters with incidents of family and friends and her photography. You are invited to journey through Lori’s experiences with life, relationships, and nature and, if you like, journal your own Green Medicine encounters.